I find it alarming that the White House banned certain news media from its Friday press conference.

The News isn’t supposed to be articles praising the President’s every move or claiming the President to be the greatest despite actions and policies that are not aligned with ‘greatness.’ The news is supposed to inform the people so they can understand the facts and develop their own opinions and feelings about it. The News is supposed to give different perspectives of events unfolding around them. The News is supposed to be critical, thought-provoking, and honest.

Fake news is not news that does not follow only one perspective or kiss up to a President’s awful policies and careless actions, but it is news that is so distorted to only see the event in one way, a good way that benefits only one person. Fake news is lies being told as truths, such as the 45th Inauguration having the highest attendance and the Bowling Green Massacre, by our government and its officials. Fake news is essentially propaganda blindly leading its people into thinking everything is fine when actually everything is not fine.

Having different news outlets is good because there are details in each story that come from different perspectives. It allows people to get a full understand of policies, events, and ideas. It provides a true democracy of speech and accessibility of the people with its government. The media is unofficially the fourth branch of government and has its power in making the people believe this and allowing them to know this. There is great responsibility in informing people and it depends on many different news outlets to develop their story and share it with others. By blocking some of these news outlets from doing their job, then it is only the people that are suffering at the hands of a tyrannical government. The news should not be allowed for a certain few who agree with you, Mr. President, but everyone who participates in this democracy of ours, and yes, this includes your critics, the 65 million who voted against you, CNN, New York Times, and BBC because democracy is not only limited to the landowning, white male, but to all of us.


united divided states

I still cannot believe that a man with no real political experience and over inflated ego that spills on his twitter account is the 45th President of the United States of America. It doesn’t feel real. It’s like seeing Nicholas Cage in any movie and still thinking he’s Nic Cage. It’s seeing Donald Trump doing anything and still seeing him as he is. I don’t see him as President. I don’t see him as qualified. I don’t see him as a different man by gaining that title, but the selfish businessman he is.

I am not bitter and have accepted the fact that he is our new President. However, I do not support his agenda and many of his appointed officials.

The people have taken back their government? Yet the popular vote went largely towards your opponent, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and you’ve entered the White House with some of the lowest approval ratings of the people. The forgotten man will be forgotten no more? Okay besides the middle-class white man who thinks Olive Garden is a classy establishment and only reads the Bible and clickbait articles; what about the forgotten ‘forgotten men’? What will you say to the citizens of Flint who still have no water? What will you say to a child whose family is gone because they’ve been deported? Will you argue that ‘All Lives Matter’ include the black lives, Latino lives, Asian lives, indigenous people lives? Will this United States come together by including and protecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other sexualities? Will we come together and be ‘great again’ despite our different beliefs of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and nihilism? Have the ‘outsiders’ finally entered politics, when Sir, you are a billionaire interested in keeping and making your profit, but only differ from them in never having a political career? What is your new healthcare plan that is ‘so great and so much better than Obamacare’ and will it also provide for the people, even the marginalized ones? And what will you do to reassure than girls are worth more than their bodies and looks, but have deeper purpose of being intelligent, funny, lively, inspiring and that they do in fact matter in this country?

Mr. President, are you listening to the people?

How do you pick someone as Secretary of Education when they have never attended public school, had children in public school, worked in a public school, or really had any interest with public schools? That’s like telling a doctor to farm the land. They have no knowledge or real understanding of what they’re doing and bound to fail because of their prior experience of medicine and the body instead of crops and cows. I don’t understand how you can appoint someone for an agency when they don’t believe its purpose. I do not understand how you can even appoint someone to a department who wanted to get rid of the department and even forgot its name? How do you appoint people based on loyalty instead of qualifications? Have you forgotten Hurricane Katrina and the government’s slow aid to people who were dying?

Mr. President, do you care?

The campaign is now over and appealing to the parties isn’t as important now as working for all American people. I’m sure the Republicans are satisfied or whatever they call themselves now like alt right, but what about the United States of America and all its citizens, current and future. How will you uphold your promise in keeping us together and working together to ‘Make America Great Again?’ You can’t blame one side for their behavior or call their ideas or claims ridiculous. You can’t tweet about how awful and overrated people who disagree and criticize you are at 3 AM. You can’t be ignorant of the news and the media, when yes I do agree the news now is not the same quality in informing people as before, but you have to acknowledge them and their reputation for letting the people know what’s going on.

Our country is divided and this inauguration is only creating new cracks. Our problems and solutions aren’t black or white. They’re grey because we all have faults and our solution isn’t the solution for everyone. For the next four years, we should not retreat into hearing only our beliefs and tending to our ideologies but listen to the other side and their opinions. When we do not challenge ourselves and open our minds, we make the divide deeper by not compromising or listening to others. What makes America great is its diversity. We have different opinions, ideas, beliefs that make The United States and when we can work together maybe we can be what our Founding Fathers imagined when they created a government serving the people with The Great Compromise. In no ways, do I want Donald to fail, but I do want him to consider the reality of his job and the work he will have to do to serve the people.

In no ways, do I want Donald to fail, but I do want him to consider the reality of his job and the work he will have to do to serve the people. Whatever he does next, it affects all of us because after all he is the most powerful man in the free world now, and I can only pray he does his job for all of us and more importantly this country and that it can move forward, united and more compassionate.

When They go Low, We go High

This morning I woke up at 6:20 and wept.

I stayed up until 2 o’clock in the morning with my best friend watching the map turn blue or red. We’re both smart kids and took turns making fun of each of the political candidates for their messy and controversial campaigns. We both knew the consequences of one candidate being President and thought we were prepared for either one being President. But I think we both knew who would be the better President, but didn’t want to say anything since we had agreed both were bad. But the night grew longer, and the map didn’t change, so we both decided we would go to sleep and tomorrow morning we would find out who our new President is.

I woke up and was optimistic for my vote, but wave after wave of the unwanted news began to keep me under. I didn’t want to just google who had won because that’s no fun, so I went on Tumblr and by the post I saw, I knew I would realize who was President in a not so direct way. I won’t lie, the people on Tumblr that I follow are mostly liberal-minded in American politics, and their disbelief, sad, and angry post told me who was President. It was Donald Trump, the one who declared that he would make America great again. I remember hot tears streaming down my face. Within five minutes, my best friend had texted me, “Trump is President.”

I wept. At that moment I wished to be nothing but a beautiful little fool.

I went to watch the news with my mom and when CBS announced Trump’s win, I cried so damn hard. They were angry and sad tears rolling down my cheeks, but without a sound. Things were about to get worst and I prayed to God that I could be okay and follow Him.

So let me get into why I’m angry. I live in the southern states of the United States, historic for slavery, Confederate States, Jim Crow laws, and sweet tea. The people here hold onto their pride and heritage. So as a woman, minority, and person, I am scared. Donald Trump had let a platform largely on targeting and ostracizing minorities, especially Hispanics and Muslims, and that kind of rhetoric he has argued will be acceptable for American society and its values. This means Hispanics will be seen as ‘rapists and taking our jobs’ and Muslims ‘dangerous because they know ISIS.’ The stereotypes these groups have worked so hard to overcome to be assimilated into mainstream American culture will now be the only way to view them with Trump as President. Of course, we have some rotten people in each of our ethnicity or race groups, but the whole group of people cannot be defined by those few people. People who have been in the real world know that people of color are not their perceived stereotypes and have respectable characteristics of hard work, honesty, kindness. But now with Trump as our President, his ideologies are what represent America and those opinions he carried are what made people vote for him because they agreed with his views as representing American values.

Yet race isn’t an issue when we’ve overcome segregation and have more diversity now, right? Well, you can tell yourself that, but the minority see differently. The tension over race is becoming more obvious. At school today, the people who supported Trump with their hats and stickers could only stay quiet and look away as Hispanics, Black people, Asians, and other minorities were upset over Trump. There was no pride in voting for Trump, there were small approvals, but none of them were proud of who they voted for and what it reflected on their beliefs. It’s not only in colleges where there is tension, but workplaces where people are quiet about their vote. Their quiet for the realization that it means something to their minority coworkers who have shared coffee and laughs with them. It’s also affecting the kids. My brother was told to go back to China today. It shows that this is becoming acceptable by socialization at a young age and that this will be the treatment of races within the coming years. It only shows that there is no discerning of groups of ethnicities, such as Asian with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and others, but there is only one way to distinguish minorities, and it is because they are not white. Race relations is still an issue America is struggling with.

I am still sad and so angry in how people voted for Trump. We saw his character from the beginning. We saw his stand on issues. We saw what kind of man that was running for President. His win – despite knowing all of this about him – only reflects on how afraid America is of progress and diversity.

But when they go low, we go high. I won’t let this stop me from accomplishing the American Dream. I will work hard, give and be treated with respect, and accomplish my goals of being a powerful, minority woman in getting into law and being represented. This isn’t just an obstacle, but the motivation to make a change.