the lull of comfort

Every now and then we take a sigh and look around. We’ve done so much and feel great having accomplished this much. We’ve worked hard and now we’re taking a break. So it’s nice to watch the sunset and it’s nice to drive the backroads.

But it’s also too comforting to live like this. Every time we watch the sunset we lose what once was the greatest beauty we’ve ever seen and the drive of a slower pace becomes a bore once we pass that same gas station and get stuck behind a slow driver. We become bored. We become restless. We continue living with these sunsets and beaten roads.

It’s easy to live like this, but what more can we expect? Tomorrow’s sunset? The same drive home? Admiring our hard work to an accomplishment that’s losing its worth?

Most people stay in this comfort zone. They think they’ve achieved all they could and reward themselves. They then settle for what they already have and fall into this routine, this living of knowing what’s to come instead of anticipation. It’s nice to live like this, as things always were, but what kind of ‘living’ is this?

Humans didn’t stop their endeavors after they reached space. They left footprints on the moon and are looking at landing on Mars. We didn’t stop once we met one achievement; we worked just as hard and continued our progress in this beautiful, opportunistic, chaotic life we were bestowed upon.

Is it hard to go forward and make our path in unknown territory? Of course, it is and it’s scary as hell. But was fear and obstacles going to stop us from living? Well, yes and no, but it shouldn’t. If we never did anything beyond what we already knew and tried new things, we would never be ourselves truly or understand how others live around us.

This isn’t about waiting for the next pink and yellow sunset or racing home on the alternative path. Life is about dancing in rainstorms, getting stuck in traffic, scraping your knees, going to unpopular vacation locations, trying foods you can’t pronounce, and doing things you’ve never imagined yourself doing.

Many people settle and never do anything more than what they allow themselves to do. They’re living within their own comfort zones of barriers so thick from everything else their life could be if they decided to push forth. They live so small with the long years given to them instead of living years within the small time given to them.

It’s different, it’s scary, it’s not easy to live, but it’s all we have and why not do all we can in this life?


Author: your girl

I'm from North Carolina, but want to be from California. I think too much and maybe too deeply. I love movies, music, and literature with all my heart. I'm the Queen of Inconsistency.

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