the American Dream

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I think it’s a goal of everyone to be better. We push ourselves towards our dreams and imagine achievement. We want to be better in different aspects whether it be who we are or how we see the world. We feel the need to eat healthier, work harder, and become successful.

We want to be better than where our parents got, better than our co-workers who got that promotion, better than our peers who made that perfect grade, and our friends who are making their mark on the world.

We get caught up in being better than others, when really the only person we can be better than is ourselves from yesterday. To compare ourselves with others often overlooks our own talents and our own little successes that they cannot see having value. Competition and rivalry aren’t bad, but sometimes we work on improvement that should be focused somewhere else.

This need to be better is something that has always been a working progress for me. I used to be caught up in being better than friends, peers, strangers. But it’s their successes I’ve lusted after and was distracted in making my own successes. Now I’ve realized what their goals aren’t what I want and that I have worked towards nothing that has made me happy. I want to be happy with my own successes and towards my dreams even if people don’t see the value in it, but I’ll feel as I become better every day than the last in working for a reality of a dream.